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Our Service Offerings

  • Online Store Product Data Entry and Management

VJ IT Services is a global leader in managing E-commerce stores worldwide and has served small, medium and large sized businesses from a variety of verticals for the last 8 plus years. Today, we are engaged and tied up with 35+ Stores running successfully and have helped them grow by leaps and bounds due to our continuous and dedicated service with UN-matched quality processes. Click here to read more

  • Document Conversion and Data Processing

Document conversion or Digitizing is a vital process which helps in retrieving your old paper data into editable, electronic format which can be further used for data analysis, reports, marketing, communication etc thus enhancing your business and revenues. Click here to read more

  • Listing products on Marketplaces and Managing Stores

Listing products on marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon and ETSY, is the first simple step to go for, if you wish to start selling your products online. We do take up your products, work on optimizing them to attract the right customers for your products and list them on these marketplaces. Click here to read more

  • Content uploading and management

Managing content is a crucial process in order for your website to succeed and build visitor traffic to generate sound revenues. We at VJ IT Services do provide constant data updating services as per your demands which helps to retain your audience and have an edge over your peers. Click here to read more

  • Real estate and foreclosure property data management

Need to get all your properties listed with an appealing format and content on your website? No matter, with our in depth expertise in real estate listing services, you are sure to get professional, high quality and dedicated listing services at the most affordable price in the market today. Click here to read more

  • Image editing and processing

Do you feel that your product images or other images need editing or have a different background to appear more professional? Do you need your images to be of a particular width and height? Outsource your Image editing and processing requirements to VJ IT Services to make your images look professional, sharp and of high quality. Click here to read more
  • Dedicated virtual staff

Often have employee issues at your organization such as low productivity, recruitment issues, lack of work hours etc, outsource your data entry or any customized tasks to VJ IT Services and get it done round the clock with our rich expertise and stringent quality control processes. We do offer full time dedicated employees or particular number of hours. Click here to read more

  • Web data research

Reaching out to potential customers or companies is the most important strategy to market your product or services. We at VJ IT Services do perform a thorough research on the internet and compile contact details for the companies/people you are looking for. With our 7 years of web research experience, we can provide you accurate and consistent contact databases. Click here to read more

  • Email and chat support

If your company is growing, its immensely important to serve your customers with optimal solutions and make sure they are 100% satisfied with your products and services. You can get benefited by outsourcing your email and chat support projects to VJ IT Services, so that you can focus on your primary business activities to further accelerate growth. We do provide time bound, round the clock support with a professional approach. Click here to read more

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Is your website suffering from poor, unstructured content with lack of targeted keywords? Do you need more organic link building to gain traffic? If yes, do contact us for our SEO solutions and we help you create and organize your websites content in a search engine friendly manner so that your website stands out from your peers and win more customers. We do provide a wide array of SEO services, click here to read more