VJ IT Services

Quality yet Affordable Services, Always!

How we work

  • Initiation and Communication

           You communicate VJ IT Services or browse through the services listed. After selecting the service(s) you require, fill up our ''Request a Quote'' form detailing all your requirements.

  • Project Discussion and Planning


           Once we know your requirements, one of our executives will discuss the project with you and understand your needs to the core and provide you the best optimal solution.

  • Sampling and Pricing

           After finalizing to go ahead with the project, we workout a few samples for you, so that both the companies have better understanding and confidence in the project deliverable's. As the samples get approved, we do estimate the cost for you and provide the same with an accurate turn around time.

  • Project Execution

           Upon approving the samples, we assess the required man power and training required if any for the project. With this, the project life begins and is run in full form followed by periodic updates sent to you on the progress either by email or instant messages in real time. As per your feedback from the updates we provide, all your remarks or additional instructions will be followed and implemented into the project instantly as we receive them. During this phase the first quality check is performed to ensure we achieve the highest accuracy possible.

  • Project Completion and Delivery

         At this stage, we are ready with the project and do perform the 2nd, final quality check with preparation of a  detailed report consisting notes for all the tasks carried out during the entire project life, which helps you understand any issues we did encounter during working such as client admin issues, incomplete data provided, source site malfunctioning, etc, so that a further action can be initiated to complete or overcome these issues ensuring 100% successful completion of the project.

With the above work methodology of VJ IT Services, we make sure you are thoroughly satisfied with our output and we welcome you for your next project with us!