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Document Conversion

We provide a wide array of Document conversion services as mentioned below:

1. Handwritten text to editable text document: We convert handwritten text such as old books, historical notes, autobiographies and any handwritten content to electronic, editable files such as Microsoft word, Excel, Publisher documents etc, as per the clients specific requirements with assured 100% accuracy and a 3-stage quality check. We also convert large text books into E-books with 100% exact formatting and page layout. Send us your sample handwritten file and get the sample done along with a professional quote.

2. PDF to text: Retrieving content from old scanned PDF files or simple PDF files such as Contact databases, time sheets, payment receipts, invoices, etc are important for further analysis, marketing, communication etc. We at VJ IT Services come in for your help and convert all your PDF data to editable text format files such as Word, Excel, Rich text, or any desired format as per your specifications. Send us your sample pdf file and get the sample done along with a professional quote.

3. Image to text: Most of the times its very much time consuming to retrieve and use data from image files such as scanned files or raw camera images. We can help you by typing/converting data from your images files to ediatble text file like word document, rich text file or any desired format with 100% accuracy as it passes through a 3-stage verification process to comply with our stringent quality measures.

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