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This is a blog by VJ IT Services, India. You can find the latest trends and happenings in the Outsourcing industry with our comprehensive study.

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A definitive approach in outsourcing

Posted by VJ IT Services on August 25, 2015 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (3)

When we hear the word Outsourcing, we generally think it’s all about reducing operational costs and boost productivity. But in today’s era, it’s no longer just a cost cutting measure but has multi dimensional benefits. Most companies fail to create and sustain value, thus affecting the long term growth plans of the company with outsourcing. A recent research study by a consulting firm reveals that only 10 out of 100 companies were able to achieve sustainability and exponential growth. These companies are very rare to find and they did this by outsourcing their operations in a more innovative way rather than common strategies compared to their peers.


When it started, outsourcing was just considered as a cost cutting idea by the masses. But those companies who have realized the true potential of offshore sourcing have been successful in creating value through innovation, identify possibilities that they usually do not have in-house and tap the global talent by extracting out the best performance available. This enables companies to achieve faster development and thus stay on top spot with new technologies and innovations. Most small and medium business houses are often found suffering with lack of required skills and talent. This scenario has simply raised the recruiting expectations of companies and a aspiring candidate has to be fully equipped with hands on knowledge of emerging and leading technologies. Such all round talent hunt can be easily sourced and implemented off-shore than in their respective geographical area and thus enabling faster employment and conversion rate.

Another important aspect that falls in favor of outsourcing is the reduced risk of business operating activities. Outsourcing service providers are usually well capable of handling such risks be it markets, competition, changes in rules and regulations from respective government bodies, and more important adaption to changing technologies. Today technology is changing every day or moreover every few hours and it’s extremely crucial to keep with latest trends in order to provide unmatched products and services. Outsourcing service providers take up all these risks for you, as they have the required level of expertise with better hands on experience in proactive decision making.

For a detailed step by step guide on how you can leverage your revenues and profitability through outsourcing, contact us and we will get you a perfect solution.


The power and advantages of Outsourcing!

Posted by VJ IT Services on June 4, 2015 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (0)

When we think of expanding or growth of our company, the first strategy that comes to our mind is Outsourcing. Obviously it’s a way to be more cost effective and decrease administrative spending.

Talking about the fact, its way more time consuming task to get the work done in-house or at your own office. Today, the overall viewpoints of our young generation has changed and are more inclined towards achieving success in very short span than to actually put real time sincere efforts. But friends, there is no shortcut to success. With this it’s always difficult to get the desired output in a given time frame and does poses a serious problem for many small and medium business owners thus constraining the overall growth of the company. Another deterrent of getting the work done in the USA is high pay scales. The average pay scale for a Data entry clerk in the USA is a astonishing 300% more than that of  a person working in emerging Asian countries.

Alright, so the best way to execute a project professionally and get it done in a cost effective way is to outsource. Over the last 5 years, there are several Asian countries leading the outsourcing business to a new height, especially Philippines, India, China etc. A short survey statistics reveal that companies in the USA can overall save a whopping 50 to 60% in terms of standalone project costs by outsourcing to these leading Asian countries. The benefits don’t end here, you can also save tremendous amount of time in hiring and training people, office maintenance, and other infrastructure costs such as power, internet, etc.

One can harness the real potential of outsourcing and has multi dimensional benefits. It can save you huge amount of time due to opposite time zone advantage. For example, the time difference between California, USA and India is roughly 11.5 hours which is super favorable. The moment its morning in the USA, you have the project completed in your inbox from your outsourcing service provider!

If you have any non voice – data entry related projects to outsource, do contact VJ IT Services for accurate, quality and affordable services. Alternately you may browse through our services listed here and fill in our Request a Quote form with all your project details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.