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Outsourcing is the talk of the market today and helps companies leverage their operations to boost productivity in a cost effective way.

VJ IT Services is the leading Non-voice data entry service provider and business process outsourcing services with a vision of providing consistent quality, reliable and dedicated service at cost effective prices. As a result, today we are partnered with an array of clients across the USA, UK, Middle east, and various other countries under multiple verticals for the last 7 years.

So lets find out how advantageous it is to outsource your non-voice data entry projects to VJ IT Services. If you compare the cost of a project executed in USA or Europe, to that of a cost of project with us, our estimations reveal a substantial savings in costs of up to 85% when you get your work done with VJ IT Services, India.

In addition to that, you save on other prime overhead expenses and aspects like:

1. Office space rental.

2. Internet and telephony.

3. Power supply.

4. Hardware expenses.

5. Supervisory staff.

6. H.R Related issues.

7. Quick Turn around time due to time zone advantage.

8. Overall increase in productivity and efficiency.

The above parameters just provide a brief idea and benefits of outsourcing but in reality there are many other factors that can help you to stay on top of your peers. So why not try us when you get the same quality service as that in your region and that too with a hefty savings of 85 to 90%. Do request for a Free Quote today and get benefited with our wide array of services!

Welcome to VJ IT Services. Your one stop shop for all your data entry outsourcing and processing needs.

We endeavor to focus on meeting customer expectations by exploring various strategies for continual improvement in the quality of process, technology and services.

VJ IT Services shall strive to provide you
with High Quality, Transparent, Affordable, Consistent, Time bound Data Processing services to help boost your organization processes with Exceptional results.

How we work:
At VJ IT Services, we have a simplified process to help you outsource your projects to us without any hassle and get you started right away! Click here to read more

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